Easily sign in

Easily sign in

Simplify web3 gaming experience with effortless login using your familiar social account. Say goodbye to complicated seed phrases.

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Smart multi-level Security

Smart multi-level Security

Protect your gaming assets with our smart multi-level security.

You have full control with multiple options like Seed-phrase-FREE account recovery, Emergency account freezing and unlock, trusted Guardians and Whitelist addresses for protection, and daily transaction limits.

Your funds are always safe with no unauthorized access.

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EXPLORE our W3Smart Wallet

our W3Smart Wallet

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Revolutionize Web3 gaming experience with all-in-one single account

Revolutionize Web3 gaming experience withall-in-one single account

Bring users an all-in-one single account used in wallet, games and their marketplace.

So that users can immediately engage and play with ease, help game studios expand a massive gamer community, and maximize revenue.

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Effortlessly list and sell your gaming assets

Effortlessly list and sell your gaming assets

Bring optimal solutions for game studios to list and sell assets on the marketplace effortlessly.

You can easily choose a seamless integration with your current marketplace or a built-in sales place in wallet, expanding your reach to a broader audience.

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How we scale in the future

Q3 2023

Gaming-Centric Wallet (Game Wallet)

Q4 2023

Wallet for Everyday Users

Q1 2024

Galaxy Wallet

Q2 2024

Vendor Collaboration and Real-World Transactions

Q3 2024

Financial Product Development and Integration

Q4 2024

User-Driven DApp Integration and Customization

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